Montblanc Pencil Refill

Montblanc Potloodvulling 0.5 mmMontblanc Potloodvulling 0.9 mmMontblanc Potloodvulling 0.7 mm
Montblanc Potloodvulling 0.7 mm
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The Montblanc Pencil Refill 0.7 mm is a refill for Montblanc mechanical pencils. The pencils leads are available in different sizes and are delivered in a package of 10 HB pencil leads.

Montblanc refills for Montblanc ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, pencils and fountain pens are available at our webshop. Not sure which refill you need? Contact us!

Product type: Refill
Colour: Grey
Manufacturer: Montblanc

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