Capayble - pay later

Capayable is one of the methods for postpay in the Netherlands.

Order now, pay later

Capayable allows you to pay for your order after delivery. You receive your order, decide wheter to keep it or return it, and pay for the items you keep within 14 days.

How it works

  • Select Capayable as payment method at the checkout
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Capayable checks if postpay is possible for your order
  • Once approved, your order is final
  • After receiving your invoice you have 14 days to pay for the items you keep

Why Capayable?

No need for creditcards, account numbers or passwords
Receive, decide and pay after
Pay whenever suits you best, within 14 days
Only pay for the items you decide to keep

Need help?

Need more information or help with your Capayable payment? Go to (available only in Dutch) or call us at +31 297 200 200.